The 10 Collabs That Broke Fashion


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2. NIKE x OFF-WHITE "THE TEN" (2017)

3. YEEZY x ADIDAS (2015)

4. GUCCI x DAPPER DAN (2018)




8. VERSACE x H&M (2011)


10. NIKE x DIOR (2020)

Image Credit: THE ONE CENTER

Influence on Fashion Trends: The Louis Vuitton x Supreme collaboration set a precedent for future luxury-streetwear partnerships, demonstrating that luxury brands could successfully incorporate streetwear elements and appeal to a younger, style-conscious audience.


In the ever-evolving world of fashion, collaborations stand as a testament to creativity and innovation, switching things up by blending diverse aesthetics and visions into unique collections. These partnerships have transformed from occasional ventures to pivotal elements within the industry, influencing trends, consumer behavior, and market dynamics. As they evolve, they reflect the cultural zeitgeist and push conventional fashion boundaries.


In 2017, a seismic shift reverberated through the fashion industry as luxury powerhouse Louis Vuitton and streetwear giant Supreme unveiled an unprecedented collaboration. This partnership was more than a merging of high-end luxury and urban streetwear; it was a cultural phenomenon that perfectly encapsulated the evolving dynamics of fashion.

Brands/Designers Involved: At the helm of this groundbreaking collaboration were Louis Vuitton’s then-creative director Kim Jones and Supreme, the New York-based epitome of street culture, known for its exclusive drops and significant impact on youth culture.

Year and Season: Launched as part of Louis Vuitton’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection, this collaboration marked a historic moment, setting new trends and redefining luxury fashion.

Key Pieces: The collection featured a range of striking pieces, from denim and outerwear to luxurious leather goods and accessories, all adorned with the iconic Louis Vuitton monogram intertwined with Supreme’s bold branding. Standout items included the red and white monogram box logo tee, sumptuous monogrammed baseball gloves, and an array of opulent trunks and bags.

 2.NIKE x OFF-WHITE “THE TEN” (2017)

image showing the 10 shoes created in the collaboration

Image Credit: SOTHEBY’S.COM

In 2017, the Nike x Off-White “The Ten” collaboration revolutionized the sneaker world, blending the sportswear mastery of Nike with the high-fashion streetwear edge of Off-White under the creative vision of Virgil Abloh. This collection marked a transformative moment, redefining the boundaries between athletic performance and avant-garde fashion.

Brands/Designers Involved: The collaboration united Nike, a titan in athletic apparel and footwear, with Off-White, the fashion-forward luxury brand renowned for challenging norms and offering new perspectives on style.

Year and Season: This groundbreaking collection was unveiled in 2017, capturing the attention of the fashion and sneaker communities alike.

Motivation and Inspiration: Virgil Abloh set out to reimagine ten of Nike’s most iconic shoes, infusing them with his distinct architectural and conceptual design language. This collaboration was a homage to the power of design and the universal language of sport.

virgil abloh in the process of designing some of the shoes in the collaboration

Key Pieces: “The Ten” collection featured a series of reimagined classics, including the Air Jordan 1, Air Max 90, and Air VaporMax, all marked by Abloh’s signature deconstructed style, industrial elements, and insightful commentary on design and culture.

Design and Aesthetic Details: The sneakers showcased Abloh’s unique design approach, featuring exposed seams, bold textual elements, and a distinctive use of quotation marks, transforming familiar silhouettes into something entirely new and provocative.

3.YEEZY x ADIDAS(2015)

kanye west standing next to the adidas cmo eric liedtke when the collaboration of yeexy and adidas was unveiled

The Yeezy x Adidas collaboration, initiated by the visionary artist and designer Kanye West and the athletic powerhouse Adidas in 2015, has been a driving force in modern fashion, continuously setting trends and reshaping the concept of luxury streetwear.

Brands/Designers Involved: Adidas, a global leader in sports and lifestyle wear, and Kanye West, a multifaceted artist known for his creative genius and influence, merged their distinct identities to create a unique fusion of style and functionality.

Year and Season: Since its inception in 2015, the collaboration has consistently rolled out new, eagerly awaited collections, maintaining its relevance and influence in the fashion industry.

Motivation and Inspiration: Driven by Kanye West’s ambition to craft a universal, timeless design that echoes a ‘homeless militia’ aesthetic, the Yeezy brand aims to blend artistic sensibility with Adidas’s athletic innovation, making avant-garde fashion accessible and wearable.

Key Pieces: Iconic items like the Yeezy Boost 350, 750, and Wave Runners, along with the minimalist Yeezy Slides, have defined the collaboration’s identity, known for their innovative design, comfort, and exclusivity.


Influence on Fashion Trends: The Yeezy brand has left an indelible mark on streetwear and beyond, influencing color palettes, design aesthetics, and the overall approach to modern fashion with its focus on oversized comfort and understated luxury.



In 2018, the Gucci x Dapper Dan collaboration emerged as a pivotal moment in fashion, symbolizing reconciliation and mutual respect between the iconic luxury brand Gucci and the street couture pioneer Dapper Dan. This partnership was a celebration of shared cultural histories, representing a significant blend of high fashion and Harlem’s bespoke street style.


Brands/Designers Involved: Gucci’s global influence in luxury fashion met Dapper Dan’s unique and culturally rich design history, known for incorporating luxury brand motifs into his custom creations for a distinct Harlem style.

Year and Season: Announced in 2018, this collaboration marked a new chapter for both Gucci and Dapper Dan.

Motivation and Inspiration: Stemming from a controversy over design similarities, the collaboration was a significant step in acknowledging Dapper Dan’s impact on fashion, integrating his street couture legacy into the wider narrative of Gucci’s luxury lineage.

Key Pieces: The collection featured a series of ready-to-wear garments, accessories, and shoes that echoed Dapper Dan’s flamboyant and luxurious designs with Gucci’s craftsmanship and materials. It included tracksuits, sneakers, and eyewear featuring Gucci’s logos mixed with Dapper Dan’s extravagant Harlem-inspired aesthetic.




In 2005, the partnership between the visionary British designer Alexander McQueen and the athletic pioneer Puma marked a groundbreaking moment in fashion, pioneering the integration of high-fashion artistry with performance sportswear.

Brands/Designers Involved: Known for his provocative and unconventional designs, Alexander McQueen’s legacy in fashion is marked by bold innovation. Puma’s reputation for athletic excellence and cultural influence set the stage for a dynamic partnership.

Year and Season: Initiated in 2005, this collaboration was among the first to marry luxury fashion with athletic wear, evolving with several collections over subsequent years.

Motivation and Inspiration: Aiming to bridge the creative with the technical, the collaboration sought to transform athletic wear with McQueen’s avant-garde vision, elevating everyday sportswear to unprecedented aesthetic levels.

Key Pieces: Standout items from the collaboration included the McQ Puma Sneakers, characterized by their cutting-edge design and luxury materials, the Street Climb Shoes, Joust Boots, and Deck Lo, each redefining sportswear with bold silhouettes and McQueen’s artistic touch.

Influence on Fashion Trends: Pioneering the fusion of luxury and sportswear, the Alexander McQueen x Puma collaboration paved the way for a new genre in fashion, inspiring a wave of designer and athletic brand partnerships.




In 2021, the fashion world was captivated by the “Fendace” collaboration, a groundbreaking partnership between Fendi and Versace. This unique venture, known as “The Swap,” saw a creative exchange between the two Italian luxury powerhouses, symbolizing a celebration of mutual respect and the melding of iconic legacies.

Brands/Designers Involved: Fendi, with its renowned craftsmanship in fur and leather, and Versace, with its legacy of bold and glamorous designs, came together to create something unprecedented in the luxury fashion realm.

Year and Season: Fendace made its grand debut in 2021, marking an innovative chapter in the history of luxury fashion collaborations.

Motivation and Inspiration: Driven by a desire to honor and fuse their rich heritages, Fendace was about exploring the potential of creative collaboration, celebrating the distinctive DNA of both houses, and crafting a new narrative in luxury fashion.

collage of models on the runway for the fendace collaboration featuring models wearing vibrant prints iconic to the versace brand

Image Credit: VERSACE

Design and Aesthetic Details: With a focus on Versace’s opulent baroque patterns and Fendi’s iconic double F Zucca print, the collection reimagined classic motifs through a playful and luxurious lens, reflecting a deep appreciation for both brands’ aesthetics.

Image Credit: VERSACE

“Fendace” stands as a shining example of the magic that happens when two renowned fashion houses join forces, offering a collection that is as much a celebration of their individual legacies as it is a bold step forward into the future of luxury fashion.



image of the store from the collab showcasing an all yellow theme with yellow bars all over the place

Image Credit: DEZEEN.COM

image of the store from the collab showcasing an all yellow theme with yellow bars all over the place and red mannequins

Image Credit: NYDECO

In 2017, the partnership between Raf Simons and artist Sterling Ruby catalyzed a revolutionary phase for Calvin Klein, one of the most comprehensive and immersive collaborations the fashion industry has ever seen. It was a journey to redefine Calvin Klein’s identity, merging fashion with art and deep cultural insights.

Brands/Designers Involved: Renowned for his narrative-rich designs, Raf Simons brought a fresh, artistic vision to Calvin Klein, complemented by Sterling Ruby’s diverse artistry, known for its commentary on modern life. Together, they reimagined the Calvin Klein ethos, a brand deeply rooted in Americana and minimalism.

Year and Season: The collaboration commenced as Raf Simons took the reins as Chief Creative Officer in 2017, heralding a new creative direction for the brand.

Motivation and Inspiration: The partnership was fueled by a desire to inject a new, avant-garde spirit into Calvin Klein, using fashion as a medium to reflect and comment on American culture, society, and politics.

Design and Aesthetic Details: The collections were distinguished by sharp tailoring, dramatic silhouettes, and a rich interplay of textures, punctuated by bold colors and graphic elements inspired by Ruby’s art, redefining Calvin Klein’s aesthetic.

Influence on Fashion Trends:This period under Raf Simons and Sterling Ruby set a new benchmark for narrative and art-driven fashion, encouraging a wave of designers to pursue deeply collaborative and thematic approaches in their collections.

The Raf Simons and Sterling Ruby collaboration for Calvin Klein stands as a landmark in fashion, celebrated for its visionary fusion of art, cultural commentary, and style. It remains a significant influence on how fashion, as a form of expression, can encapsulate and reflect broader cultural narratives.

8.VERSACE FOR H&M (2011)


In 2011, the Versace for H&M collaboration emerged as a groundbreaking high-low partnership, bringing the unmistakable luxury and boldness of Versace’s designs to H&M’s global audience at an accessible price point, marking a significant moment in fashion’s democratization.

Brands/Designers Involved: With Versace’s rich history of luxury and bold aesthetics and H&M’s mission to bring affordable style to the masses, this partnership blended the best of opulent fashion with everyday wearability.

Year and Season: Launched in 2011, this collaboration was a highlight of H&M’s autumn collection, drawing considerable anticipation and excitement.

Motivation and Inspiration: Aiming to make Versace’s luxurious allure accessible to a wider audience, the collaboration was a bold fusion of high-end style and high street accessibility, encapsulating a vision of democratized luxury.

Design and Aesthetic Details: The collection was a testament to Versace’s iconic style, featuring an array of gold-accented, boldly printed, and meticulously designed items that brought a sense of everyday luxury to consumers.

kanye west wearing a jacket from the versace for h&m collection


Availability and Pricing: With its launch in H&M stores worldwide, the collection offered a taste of Versace’s luxury at much more accessible price points, resulting in high demand and rapid sell-outs.

Influence on Fashion Trends: Versace for H&M not only brought luxury to the high street but also set the stage for future collaborations between high-end designers and mass-market retailers, influencing a trend towards more accessible luxury.




The collaboration between Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld stands as one of the most enduring and transformative partnerships in the annals of fashion history. Spanning over five decades, this alliance has been a beacon of innovation, luxury, and branding excellence in the fashion world.

Brands/Designers Involved: Established in 1925, Fendi’s journey to global prominence was significantly shaped by Lagerfeld’s visionary approach, transforming it into a symbol of luxury and innovation. Lagerfeld’s tenure saw the introduction of groundbreaking designs and the reimagining of fur in fashion.

a rough sketch of the fendi double 'f' logo created by karl lagerfeld

Year and Season: Beginning in the 1960s and lasting until Lagerfeld’s passing in 2019, this collaboration’s most enduring symbol, the “Double F” logo, continues to epitomize Fendi’s identity.

Motivation and Inspiration: Charged with modernizing Fendi’s fur line, Lagerfeld’s inventive spirit led to the creation of the iconic “Double F” logo, signaling a new era of luxury and branding for the fashion house.

Key Pieces: The collaboration birthed numerous iconic designs, including the transformative Baguette and Peekaboo bags, the whimsical Monster and Bag Bugs accessories, and the elegant Colibrì shoes. Each piece, bearing the legacy of Lagerfeld’s creative genius, continues to push the boundaries of luxury fashion.

Design and Aesthetic Details: The “Double F” logo, representing “Fun Fur,” became synonymous with Fendi’s luxury and craftsmanship, adorning everything from lavish fur coats to a wide array of accessories and ready-to-wear items.

10.NIKE x DIOR (2020)


image of travis scott wearing pieces from the nike x dior collection including the iconic air jordan 1s

Image Credit: SNEAKER NEWS

In 2020, the collaboration between Nike and Dior ushered in a revolutionary chapter in luxury streetwear, blending Dior’s renowned craftsmanship with the iconic Air Jordan aesthetic. This partnership introduced the Air Jordan 1 High Dior, redefining what luxury sneakers can embody.

Brands/Designers Involved: With the Jordan Brand’s rich legacy in sports culture and Dior’s unparalleled position in high fashion, the collaboration brought together two seemingly different worlds with a shared commitment to quality and innovation.

Year and Season: Announced in 2020, this partnership marked a historic moment in the fusion of luxury and sportswear.

Motivation and Inspiration: Celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Air Jordan brand and the artisanal excellence of Dior, the collaboration aimed to create a masterpiece that paid homage to both brands’ heritage and propelled them into a new era of luxury sportswear.

Key Pieces: The Air Jordan 1 High Dior sneakers stood out as the centerpiece, featuring Dior’s subtle gray hues, the iconic Oblique pattern, and luxurious Italian leather, reimagining the classic sneaker with an unprecedented level of luxury.


Design and Aesthetic Details: Maintaining the Air Jordan 1’s beloved silhouette, the sneaker was elevated with Dior’s signature details and exquisite materials, creating a harmonious balance between high fashion and streetwear.

Influence on Fashion Trends: This collaboration redefined the boundaries of luxury sneaker collaborations, inspiring a trend towards more ambitious and artistically driven partnerships in the fashion industry.