Fame in a Bottle: The Celebrity Beauty Hall of Fame


Image Credits: RHODE

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Lights, camera, contour! 

Welcome to the star-studded hall of fame where beauty meets celebrity, and every product has a red carpet story. 

Forget the Hollywood Walk of Fame—we’re talking about the Vanity Table of Legends, where each item is more than just a pretty face in a jar. 

From pop icons to silver screen sirens, these celebs aren’t just slapping their names on bottles; they’re bottling their essence, their struggles, and sometimes, their very own glazed donut dreams. 

In this glittering galaxy of celebrity beauty, we’ll uncover the foundations that changed the game, the lip kits that broke the internet, and the fragrances that outlasted Hollywood marriages. 

We’re diving deep into the world where star power meets staying power, and where a single swipe, spritz, or dab can transform you from mere mortal to A-list adjacent.

These aren’t just products; they’re phenomena, cultural touchstones, and in some cases, revolutions in a compact. 

From Rihanna’s shade-shattering foundation to Elizabeth Taylor’s timeless sparkle, we’re about to spill the tea (and maybe a little setting powder) on the beauty hall of fame that’s got us all seeing stars.


A range of Fenty Beauty foundation bottles arranged in a spiral, showcasing various shades.

In the glittering constellation of celebrity beauty brands, Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty shines like a supernova, with its Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation leading the charge. 

When RiRi dropped this game-changer in 2017, it was a revolution in a bottle. 

With a jaw-dropping 40 shades (later expanded to 50), Fenty Beauty didn’t just dip its toe into inclusivity; it cannonballed into the deep end, leaving other brands scrambling to keep up.

But let’s talk performance, because even with Rihanna’s star power, a foundation needs to, well, have a solid foundation. 

Pro Filt’r delivers with a long-wearing formula that laughs in the face of the midday shine. 

Oily skin types, rejoice! 

This matte finish is your new BFF, keeping you looking fresh from power breakfast to after-work cocktails. 

And unlike some mattes that suck the life out of your skin, this one somehow manages to keep things looking natural.

Close-up of a model with deep skin tone and glossy lips wearing Fenty Beauty products.

Image Credit: FENTY BEAUTY

Now, we’ve seen celebs slap their names on fragrances faster than you can say “eau de cash grab,” but Fenty Beauty? 

That’s a whole different ballgame. 

Rihanna wasn’t content to be a figurehead; she dove into product development like it was the deep end of her Barbados beaches. The result? 

A brand that feels authentic, from its sleek packaging to its cheeky product names. 

It’s Rihanna in a bottle, minus the vocals.


Kylie Jenner in a houndstooth outfit promoting her Kylie Cosmetics lip kit with a pink background.


Enter the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit: a beauty phenomenon that broke the internet.

When these little boxes of lip magic first dropped, they vanished from virtual shelves quicker than Kylie’s Snapchat stories. 

Social media exploded, resale prices skyrocketed, and suddenly everyone was obsessed with achieving that perfect Kylie pout.

Let’s rewind for a hot second. 

Kylie’s own lip transformation journey sparked endless speculation and ultimately, inspiration. 

Fans weren’t just buying a product; they were chasing a whole vibe. 

The Lip Kit’s genius? 

Pairing a matte liquid lipstick with a perfectly matched liner – because who has time to play makeup matchmaker? 

It was a simple concept that left beauty lovers wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Matte liquid lipsticks were nothing new, but Kylie Cosmetics rode that trend like a pro surfer on a perfect wave. 

Suddenly, glossy lips were so last season, and everyone wanted that velvety, Instagram-filter-come-to-life finish. 

The beauty landscape shifted, and established brands found themselves playing catch-up to a teenager’s startup.

From a self-funded lip kit line to a beauty empire worth hundreds of millions – it was the kind of success story that had business schools scrambling to add a “Keeping Up with Kylie” case study to their curricula.

Of course, no meteoric rise comes without its share of turbulence.

Controversy bubbled up around manufacturing practices and ingredient lists, proving that even in the world of liquid lipstick, you can’t escape scrutiny. 

Yet, Kylie Cosmetics powered through, evolving from a one-hit wonder into a full-fledged beauty brand with an ever-expanding product line.


Rare Beauty Soft Pinch liquid blush trio with a blush brush against a light gradient background.

Image Credit: RARE BEAUTY 

Let’s talk about a blush that’s got everyone blushing – Rare Beauty’s Soft Pinch Liquid Blush. 

When Selena Gomez decided to dip her toes into the beauty pool, she didn’t just make a splash; she created a whole new wave. 

Rare Beauty burst onto the scene with a mission that went beyond skin deep, putting mental health awareness front and center. 

It’s makeup with a message – and that message is resonating loud and clear.

Now, onto the star of the show: that blush. 

A magic potion in a cute little bottle. 

The texture? 

Imagine if clouds and velvet had a baby – that’s what we’re dealing with here. 

It blends so seamlessly, you’d think it was created by some sort of makeup wizard (Selena, are you secretly still Alex Russo?).

Speaking of Selena, let’s not forget the personal touch she’s brought to this brand.

Selena Gomez applying Rare Beauty blush with a makeup brush, featuring a natural makeup look.

Image Credit: RARE BEAUTY 

Her battle with lupus isn’t just a footnote; it’s woven into the very fabric of Rare Beauty. 

The result? 

Products that are gentle, effective, and inclusive. 

This blush comes in shades that flatter everyone from “I never leave the house” pale to “I live at the beach” deep – because in Selena’s world, everyone gets to glow.


Kim Kardashian showcasing her contouring technique using KKW Beauty products on her Instagram story.

Hold onto your chiseled cheekbones, folks, because we’re diving into the world of Kim Kardashian‘s Contour Kit – the product that turned us all into aspiring sculptors. 

Remember when contouring was just for stage makeup and drag queens? 

KKW Beauty burst onto the scene with all the subtlety of a Kardashian family vacation. 

The Contour Kit wasn’t just a product launch; it was a cultural moment. 

Beauty enthusiasts clutched their wallets, influencers cleared their schedules, and makeup artists braced for an onslaught of clients demanding “that Kim K look.”

Speaking of “that look” – let’s talk about the “Instagram face.” 

You know the one: sharp cheekbones, button nose, plump lips, and a jawline that could cut glass. 

Kim Kardashian applying KKW Beauty contour stick with a sleek ponytail and neutral makeup.

Image Credit: KKW BEAUTY

Kim’s Contour Kit became the go-to weapon for achieving this hyper-filtered aesthetic in real life. 

Kim didn’t just sell a product; she sold a skill. 

Tutorials popped up all over the internet.

Masterclasses were held, featuring the kit as the star pupil. 

It was the beauty world’s version of a TED Talk, only with more highlighter.

In a market flooded with contour products, Kim’s kit stood out like a diamond-encrusted selfie stick. 

While other brands were still pushing powder formulas, KKW Beauty opted for creamy sticks that blended like a dream. 

Fast forward to 2021, and KKW Beauty pulled a classic Kardashian move – a total rebrand. 

Enter SKKN BY KIM, sleeker and more minimalist than its predecessor. 


White Diamonds Legacy perfume bottle by Elizabeth Taylor surrounded by white flowers and amber stones.

Image Credit: elizabethtaylor.com

Picture this: It’s 1991, and Elizabeth Taylor, Hollywood royalty incarnate, decides to bottle her essence. 

The result was White Diamonds – a fragrance that would outlast trends, tabloid headlines, and even Liz herself. 

This definitely wasn’t another celebrity cash-in; it was the birth of a legend.

Let’s talk legacy. 

While today’s starlets churn out scents faster than paparazzi snap pics, White Diamonds has been holding court for over three decades. 

It’s the Meryl Streep of fragrances – timeless, revered, and still packing a punch after all these years.

Now, Liz wasn’t just selling a scent; she was funding a cause. 

A portion of White Diamonds’ profits went straight to AIDS research, turning every spritz into an act of philanthropy. 

It was perfume with a purpose, long before “social responsibility” became a marketing buzzword.

The bottle? 

It was a work of art. 

Diamonds aren’t just in the name; they’re in the design. 

That faceted cap gleams like one of Liz’s own rocks, making it a vanity table staple for glamor pusses worldwide. 

The ads were equally dazzling – Liz, dripping in jewels, uttering that iconic line: “These have always brought me luck.” 

Black and white portrait of Elizabeth Taylor wearing a white dress and diamond necklace.

Image Credit: elizabethtaylor.com

Luck, indeed.

Fragrance aficionados, lean in close. 

White Diamonds is a floral aldehyde that screams “old-school glamor.” 

It’s got more layers than a Taylor marriage (too soon?) – narcissus, jasmine, ylang-ylang, and a base that lingers like the memory of a great party. 

It’s not for wallflowers; it’s for those who want to make an entrance.

Originally aimed at the mature sophisticate, 

White Diamonds has pirouetted through the decades, finding new fans among vintage-loving millennials and Gen Zers discovering the allure of classic Hollywood. 

In a world of celebrity fragrances that come and go faster than TikTok trends, White Diamonds stands tall. 

Modern starlets could take notes – this is how you create a scent with staying power. 

It’s not about slapping your name on a bottle; it’s about infusing it with your essence.


Close-up of a model with striking blue eyes and bold silver SATIN KAJAL LINER made by Victoria Beckham


Posh Spice has done it again, darlings. 

Victoria Beckham, the woman who seamlessly pirouetted from pop stardom to fashion deity, has now set her sights on our eyelids. 

Enter the Satin Kajal Liner – a product so sleek, it could have walked straight off a VB runway.

Victoria’s evolution from zigazig-ah to fashion-ah is the stuff of legend. 

Now, she’s bringing that same je ne sais quoi to the beauty world. 

In true Beckham fashion, this liner isn’t just playing the game – it’s changing it. 

Clean beauty? Check. 

Sustainability focus? Double-check. 

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room – or should I say, the panda eyes? 

This liner claims to be more loyal than a Spice Girls fan circa 1997. 

Waterproof, long-wearing, and ready to stick by you through thick and thin. 

It’s the eyeliner equivalent of “Wannabe” – once it’s on, it’s not going anywhere.

With this liner, versatility is the name of the game. 

With a shade range that goes from “board meeting chic” to “after-hours vamp,” this liner is ready to multitask harder than Victoria juggling her fashion empire and four kids.


Gwyneth Paltrow applying some Goop instant facial exfoliator showcasing her skincare routine.


Gwyneth Paltrow’s Exfoliating Instant Facial.

Paltrow’s brainchild that’s part lifestyle brand, part modern-day alchemy, has given us everything from vagina-scented candles to psychic vampire repellent. 

Now, they’re promising to transform our faces faster than you can say “conscious uncoupling.”

Let’s address the elephant in the room – or should I say, the crystal-infused, ethically sourced, free-range elephant? 

Goop’s reputation is about as squeaky clean as a tabloid front page. 

Yet, here we are, slathering their products on our faces like there’s no tomorrow. 


Because Gwyneth said so, darling.

This facial-in-a-jar boasts an ingredient list that reads like a farmer’s market shopping list crossed with a witch’s spell book. 

Forget chemicals you can’t pronounce; we’re talking natural ingredients so pure, you could probably eat them. 

(Disclaimer: Please don’t eat your skincare products, no matter how organic they claim to be.)

Let’s not beat around the organic bush – this product comes with a price tag that would make even A-list celebs do a double-take. 

It’s targeted at the kind of people who think nothing of dropping a week’s grocery budget on a single skincare product. 

Integrating this into your skincare routine is like adding a green juice to your diet – it just makes you feel fancy and health-conscious.

Celebrity facialists were lining up to sing its praises as soon as it dropped. 

And when the people responsible for Hollywood’s most flawless faces give something their stamp of approval, you know it’s got to be good. 

Or at least really, really expensive.


Pattern Beauty haircare products by Tracee Ellis Ross, including shampoo and conditioner for curly hair.

Image Credit: casiedionne.com

Let’s dive into the curl-tastic world of Tracee Ellis Ross’s Pattern Beauty Hydration Shampoo, shall we? 

This isn’t just another celebrity hair product; it’s a love letter to curls, coils, and kinks everywhere. 

Tracee, the patron saint of fabulous hair, has bottled up years of personal hair struggles and triumphs into a formula that’s got the curly community buzzing louder than a salon on prom night.

Inclusivity isn’t just a buzzword for Pattern; it’s the whole darn ethos. 

This shampoo isn’t playing favorites with curl types. 

Tracee Ellis Ross holding a large bottle of Pattern Beauty haircare product, smiling with eyes closed.


Whether you’re rocking 3A waves or 4C coils, Pattern’s got your back (and your edges, and your crown…). 

Let’s talk sustainability, because saving the planet is always in style. 

They’re not just cleaning your hair; they’re cleaning up their carbon footprint. 

It’s guilt-free glamor.

In the saturated world of curly hair brands, Pattern struts in like it owns the place – because, well, it kind of does. 

While other brands are still figuring out the difference between a twist-out and a wash-and-go, Pattern’s already planning the next curl revolution.


Hailey Bieber applying a pink Rhode Beauty lip product, with a pink background.

Image Credit: Rhode

Alright, let’s pucker up and dive into the world of Hailey Bieber’s Peptide Lip Treatment. 

The cornerstone of the “glazed donut” skin empire that’s got Gen Z glowing brighter than a TikTok ring light.

Rhode Skin burst onto the scene like a perfectly timed Instagram story, promising to turn us all into walking, talking glazed confections. 

The Peptide Lip Treatment? 

It’s the cherry on top of this sugary skincare sundae. 

This little tube of magic is truly pulling double duty. 

It’s the Swiss Army knife of lip care, ready to tackle chapped lips and lackluster pouts with equal vigor.

Hailey’s influence on Gen Z beauty is like the Pied Piper of dewy skin. 

When she says “jump,” a million TikTokers ask “how glossy?” 

This lip treatment isn’t just selling a basic product; it’s selling the dream of looking perpetually fresh-faced and unbothered.

It’s skincare for the “less is more” generation, who want their products to work harder than they do.

Scarcity marketing? 

Rhode’s got it down to an art form. 

Waitlists are the new black, and FOMO is the driving force behind every restock.

However, Rhode isn’t stopping at lips.

They’re coming for your entire face.

Soon, we’ll all be glazed from head to toe, walking around looking like human-sized Krispy Kremes.


Huda Beauty setting powders in various shades displayed in square containers with scattered powder around them.

Image Credit: HUDABEAUTY [IG]

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re about to dive into the powdery paradise of Huda Kattan’s Easy Bake Loose Setting Powder. 

The culmination of a beauty empire that started with a blog and ended up conquering the makeup world.

Huda Kattan, the queen bee of beauty influencers, didn’t just join the makeup game; she rewrote the rules. 

Transitioning from YouTube tutorials to boardroom battles, she’s proof that sometimes, the best person to run a beauty brand is someone who’s been in the trenches, testing every product under the sun (and probably some that aren’t even on the market yet).

Speaking of the sun, let’s talk baking. 

No, not the kind that results in cookies.

We’re talking about the makeup technique that Huda popularized. 

For those of us battling the elements (or just the subway in July), this powder is the knight in shining… well, powder. 

It stands up to heat and humidity better than most of the other brands on the market, keeping you matte and fabulous from Dubai to Miami and everywhere in between.

Huda Beauty’s expansion into other product categories is as ambitious as their founder. 

From lashes to lipsticks, they’re steadily building a complete beauty arsenal.