Streetwear’s Next Wave: Trends Redefining the Streets


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Streetwear is undergoing a transformative phase, marked by the emergence of ten pivotal trends that fuse personal flair with deep-rooted cultural narratives. 

This exploration ventures into the diverse realms of streetwear, from the fusion of practicality and elegance in ‘Baggy  (but Tailored)’ ensembles to the terraces of the UK with blokecore.

Each trend serves as a testament to the dynamic interplay between innovation and tradition, championing the values of sustainability, authenticity, and historical homage. 


Runway image of a model wearing a cropped suit jacket with blue jeans

Image Credit: Filippo Fior /

Cropped pieces have seen a significant evolution from their athletic wear origins to becoming a staple in both high fashion and streetwear. 

Initially popularized in the 1940s due to fabric rationing during World War II, cropped tops offered a stylish yet resourceful solution to the constraints of the time.

This era marked the beginning of the crop top as a fashionable item, characterized by high collars and paired with high-waisted skirts for a chic summer look. 

However, it wasn’t until the 1980s and 1990s, known as the golden age of crop tops, that they truly became a must-have fashion item. 

Icons like Madonna and Britney Spears embraced the trend, often pairing them with high-waisted jeans or skirts, which propelled the popularity of crop tops even further.

The versatility of cropped pieces today allows for a myriad of styling options, from casual to edgy looks. 

Cropped styles have found their way into various subcultures and streetwear, embracing gender fluidity and allowing individuals to express their personal style without constraint.

man wearing nylon sleeveless cropped white top
male model wearing slightly cropped black tee shirt

Image Credits: Acielle / StyleDuMonde & Jimin Jeon/Hypebeast 

The resurgence of crop tops in the 2010s, fueled by social media platforms and fashion influencers, has led to a blend of styles from different eras, combining the relaxed fit of the ’40s and ’50s with the edgier, more revealing looks of the ’80s and ’90s.



Asap rocky outfit featuring pearls and shiny belt

The “Everything Shiny” trend in streetwear encapsulates a movement towards materials and techniques that exude a glossy, reflective quality, such as metallic fabrics, Swarovski crystals, sequins, and shiny finishes. 

This trend, which started to gain momentum in 2021, extends beyond the confines of nightlife, infusing daytime fashion with a celebratory, optimistic vibe. 

The allure of shiny clothing, a recurring theme since the avant-garde paillettes of Paco Rabanne in the 60s, lies in its ability to break from the monotony and sobriety of previous fashion norms, bringing an air of festivity and flair to everyday attire.

The visual impact of shiny clothing and accessories within streetwear is significant, especially in urban settings and nightlife, where such pieces can create statement looks that are both futuristic and playful. 

LOEWE runway image of man wearing shimmery high waist pants and button down shirt
Luka Sabbat out and about wearing an all leather outfit

Image Credits: LOEWE & Daniel Zuchnik

This attention-grabbing quality of shiny materials makes them a popular choice for those looking to make a bold fashion statement.



Image of Shai gilgeous alexander, wearing baggy outfit with mschf red boots

The “Baggy (But Tailored)” trend represents a fascinating fusion of comfort and style, striking a balance that caters to the modern fashion enthusiast’s desire for both aesthetics and practicality. 

An evolution from the baggy trends of the 2000s, this trend reflects a significant shift in fashion sensibilities, where the relaxed fit of baggy clothing meets the sharp, structured look of tailoring, creating outfits that are both effortlessly chic and supremely comfortable.

vintage of jay z wearing a baggy outfit

The result is a sophisticated silhouette that doesn’t compromise on comfort, while still having a modern look and allowing for a wide range of movement and a versatile style that can transition from casual daytime looks to more formal settings with ease.

The “Baggy” trend draws significant inspiration from hip-hop and skate cultures, both of which have long celebrated the oversized, loose-fitting aesthetic. 

These subcultures have contributed to the mainstream acceptance of baggy styles, infusing them with a sense of rebellion, individuality, and urban edge that resonates with a broader audience.

High-end designers have taken note of this streetwear-inspired trend, incorporating “Baggy” pieces into their collections. 

Image of runway model wearing a baggy outfit
runway model wearing a white motorcycle jacket, with a black skirt
OBJ pre game outfit wearing a motorcycle jacket

Image Credit: impaulab [PINTEREST] 

This blend of speed, style, and sport has captivated the streetwear community, offering a bold and dynamic approach to fashion.

Biker and racing subcultures have long been associated with a sense of rebellion and freedom, qualities that resonate with the streetwear ethos. 

The trend has been further popularized by celebrities who have embraced motorsport aesthetics in their personal style and through collaborations.

Image Credit: Filippo Fior /

Blurring the lines between streetwear and luxury fashion, showcasing how elements traditionally associated with casual, subcultural styles can be elevated to the runway, redefining what is considered high fashion.


The motorcorse trend in streetwear showcases a thrilling fusion of high-octane motorsport aesthetics with urban fashion sensibilities. 

Drawing heavily from the adrenaline-fueled world of motor racing, biking etc, incorporating elements such as racing stripes, sponsor logos, and the sleek silhouettes of protective gear into everyday streetwear.

bella hadid wearing a motorcycle jacket

Image Credit: Gotham/GC Images

From musicians to actors, public figures have donned racing-inspired outfits, contributing to the trend’s visibility and appeal. 

The motorcore trend exemplifies how streetwear continually draws inspiration from diverse sources, in this case, the thrilling world of motorsport and biking. 

By integrating elements of speed, competition, and subcultural identity, this trend adds a dynamic and rebellious edge to streetwear, reflecting the ever-evolving nature of fashion and its ability to adapt and reinterpret cultural influences.



Sleeveless tops,  a staple in athletic wear due to their functionality and comfort, have seamlessly transitioned into the realm of streetwear, becoming a versatile and expressive garment for the fashion-forward. 

vintage image of larry bird contesting a basketball shot

Originally designed to keep athletes cool and allow for a full range of motion, these tees were essential for various sports and physical activities. 

Over time, the practical aspects that made sleeveless tees popular in athletics began to appeal to the streetwear community, 

One of the key attributes of sleeveless tees within streetwear is their potential for layering. 

These tees can be worn alone for a minimalist look or layered over long-sleeve shirts, under jackets, or paired with various accessories to create dynamic and multidimensional outfits. 

travis scott wearing a sleeveless tee
man wearing sleeveless sweater with white tee at fashion week
runway model wearing a zipped, sleeveless, leather top

Image Credits: Isidore Montag/ & Christian Vierig for Getty Images

Sleeveless tees often serve as a canvas for graphic prints and messages, making them a powerful tool for self-expression and identity. 

From bold logos and intricate designs to statements and slogans, the graphics on sleeveless tees can communicate individual tastes, cultural affiliations, or political stances. 


Bloke core is taking the streetwear scene by storm, channeling the gritty charm of UK-inspired fashion with a distinctive soccer-infused twist. 

Woman walking down the street wearing soccer jersey
Casual culture of UK, inspiration for blokecore

Image Credit: Tyler Joe

This trend pays homage to the casual culture of the 1980s, where football and fashion collided to create a unique style ethos centered around sportswear, terrace wear, and an undeniably British aesthetic.

The essence of bloke core lies in its ability to blend the casual with the stylish, featuring soccer jerseys, scarves, and trainers as key elements of the look. 

These pieces, once confined to the stands of football stadiums, are now reimagined as streetwear staples, embodying a sense of team pride and cultural identity that resonates well beyond the pitch.

The resurgence of this trend is a testament to the enduring influence of British fashion, with modern interpretations incorporating vintage soccer memorabilia, classic polos, and track jackets. 

bella hadid campaign image for balenciaga, wearing a baggy tracksuit
campaign image for balenciaga with model wearing baggy soccer top

The look is often completed with cuffed jeans or trousers, emphasizing a laid-back yet put-together vibe that’s synonymous with the bloke core aesthetic.