Brand Power Rankings: Who’s Currently Ahead of the Rest?


Amidst the vibrant kaleidoscope of contemporary fashion, certain luminaries stand out, shaping the zeitgeist with their innovative designs and unmistakable allure. From the refined elegance of Italian craftsmanship to the pioneering spirit of British heritage, these brands are redefining the boundaries of style, captivating fashion aficionados and setting the runways ablaze. Join us as we delve into the stories of these trendsetters, including the likes of Prada and Burberry, who are at the zenith of the fashion game right now.



In the constellation of luxury brands, Prada has been shining particularly bright, charting a course that blends its storied heritage with bold strides into the future. From the cobbled streets of Milan to the digital catwalks of the internet, Prada has been weaving a narrative of innovation, elegance, and growth that’s as captivating as its designs.

Prada’s journey through the recent seasons has been nothing short of spectacular, with the Spring/Summer 2024 Show in Milan standing as a testament to the brand’s enduring commitment to artistry and innovation. The show, held on the iconic date of September 21, 2023, transformed the runway into an avant-garde playspace where fluidity and the human form were celebrated amidst abstract walls and an intriguing use of pink slime, setting a new paradigm for fashion presentations.

image of model walking on the runway for prada spring/summer 2024 with pink slime falling in the background

This season also saw Prada paying homage to its rich lineage through its womenswear collection, which skillfully reinterpreted a vintage handbag design by Mario Prada, infusing it with contemporary materials like nappa leather and re-nylon. 

This blend of past and present not only highlighted Prada’s craftsmanship but also underscored its philosophy of reinventing tradition for the modern era.

On the business front, Prada showcased remarkable revenue growth in 2023, outpacing expectations and rivals alike. This financial triumph, particularly pronounced in Europe, was fueled by local demand and a resurgence in tourism, despite challenges in the Asia Pacific region. 

The brand’s strategic prowess was evident in its ability to meet its medium-term target, with an adjusted operating profit hitting the 20.1% mark of sales.

The introduction of the Prada Arqué bag marked another milestone, with its unique crescent shape and functional design underscoring Prada’s commitment to blending aesthetics with practicality. This bag, with its adjustable handles and compact size, represented the brand’s innovative approach to everyday luxury.

joint image of two models for prada FW23 with each one carrying a different colored prada arque bag

Image Credit: Prada

Pradasphere II in Shanghai was a monumental exhibition that traced Prada’s journey from its origins to the contemporary moment. Curated by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, the exhibition was a deep dive into the brand’s multifaceted identity, showcasing its contributions to fashion, art, and sustainability.

front image of the pradasphere II in Shanghai

Image Credit: Prada

In an unprecedented move, Prada’s collaboration with Axiom Space on NASA’s Artemis III lunar spacesuits showcased the brand’s venture into the final frontier, merging high fashion with high technology in a bid to redefine astronaut gear.

Image Credit: David J Phillip/AP

The Holiday 2023 campaign brought together stars like Maya Hawke and Kim Tae-Ri, set against a backdrop that intertwined Prada’s Milanese heritage with a forward-looking vision, highlighting personal narratives amidst a collective journey.

collage image showcasing the different campaign images for prada holiday 2023

Image Credit: Amiel Laurent [IG]

Through these endeavors, Prada has not just participated in the fashion discourse of the past couple years but has led it, blending its storied past with a dynamic present and an ambitious future. The brand stands as a towering figure in the landscape of luxury fashion, a testament to its ability to innovate, inspire, and influence.



Miu Miu, the spirited younger sibling in the Prada family, has danced its way into 2024 with a vibrancy and vim that’s nothing short of magnetic. 

With its pulse firmly on the zeitgeist, Miu Miu has become a beacon for the youthful and the bold, crafting narratives of rebellion and allure stitched into every garment.

collage runway image showing 3 models walking down the runway for miu miu

Image Credit: Miu Miu 

The brand’s youth appeal is palpable, resonating with a generation that values authenticity, creativity, and self-expression. 

Miu Miu’s ability to intertwine whimsy with sophistication has made it a beacon for the young and the restless, those at the forefront of the cultural zeitgeist.

This connection is more than skin-deep; it’s woven into the very fabric of Miu Miu’s collections, which speak to the vibrant, dynamic spirit of youth.

Miu Miu’s global expansion has been strategic and impactful, venturing into new markets and creating immersive retail experiences that extend beyond mere transactions. 

These spaces are conceived as realms of discovery, where the brand’s ethos and aesthetic can be fully experienced, making every visit a memorable journey into the world of Miu Miu.

image showing a section of a miu miu retail space

Image Credit: Nacasa & Partners

In recent years marked by significant milestones, Miu Miu has not only celebrated its 30th anniversary with accolades such as the Brand of the Year by Lyst but also captivated the fashion world with its innovative campaigns and collections. From the nostalgic yet novel Miu Miu Club event in Tokyo to the intimate elegance of the Holiday 2023 campaign fronted by Emma Corrin, Miu Miu has masterfully blended heritage with modernity.

miu miu campaign image featuring emma corrin for their holiday 2023 campaign

Image Credit: Miu Miu

The Miu Miu Select event, curated by Emily Ratajkowski, and the whimsical Miu Miu Arcadie bag campaign featuring Gigi Hadid, further exemplify the brand’s knack for creating moments that are both of the moment and timeless. 

Emily Ratajkowski at her curated miu miu select event in new york
image of miu miu campaign poster featuring gigi hadid for the miu miu arcadie bag

Image Credit: Steven Meisel


In the grand tapestry of luxury fashion, LOEWE has painted its threads with bold, artistic strokes. 

Under the stewardship of Jonathan Anderson, Loewe’s artistic Direction has evolved into a narrative that speaks of innovation, heritage, and artistic collaboration.

portrait of jonathan anderson for loewe sitting in an office


Last year’s Spring/Summer collection, unveiled against the backdrop of Paris’s historic Esplanade Saint-Louis and amidst golden sculptures by Lynda Benglis, was a testament to Loewe’s commitment to artistry and wearability. The collection’s clean-cut silhouettes and emphasis on nature,  coupled with Anderson’s knack for infusing modernity with timeless elegance, have solidified Loewe’s appeal across generations.

collage image of models and their outfits from the 2023 spring/summer loewe collection

Loewe’s exploration of innovative materials and craftsmanship techniques continues to set the brand apart. The Squeeze Bag, with its unique ruched shape and soft leather, exemplifies Loewe’s dedication to material innovation and design excellence. This commitment is evident in the meticulous construction of each piece, where traditional techniques meet modern aesthetics to create items that are not just accessories but works of art.

product image of the loewe squeeze bag in white, against a backdrop of greenery

Image Credit:

The brand’s global campaigns have resonated deeply with international audiences, thanks in part to strategic celebrity collaborations and compelling storytelling. The SS24 pre-collection campaign, starring the legendary Maggie Smith, bridges the gap between high fashion and cinematic royalty, casting Loewe’s latest offerings in a new and distinguished light. 

campaign poster of the loewe ss24 pre-collection campaign featuring maggy smith

Image Credit: Juergen Teller

Loewe’s influence extends beyond the runway, permeating popular culture and the arts. The brand’s collaboration with icons like Rihanna for her superbowl halftime show ‘fit  not only showcases Loewe’s fashion-forward designs but also cements its status within the cultural zeitgeist. 

image of rihanna performing at the superbowl halftime show wearing an outfit created by loewe

Image Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Roc Nation

Each campaign, marked by surreal aesthetics and a dreamlike quality, narrates a story of ethereal beauty and artistic expression, reflecting Loewe’s ability to weave its heritage of craftsmanship with a modern, adventurous spirit.



Moncler, originally famed for its quintessential winter gear, has seamlessly transitioned into a multifaceted luxury brand under the astute vision of its current leadership.  

Nowadays, Moncler has not only retained its apex position in the luxury outerwear segment but has also expanded its horizons, captivating a global audience with its innovative designs and strategic cultural engagements.

The brand’s artistic direction has seen a significant evolution, particularly evident in its 70th-anniversary celebration in Milan. This landmark event not only commemorated Moncler’s journey from a sporting goods staple to a fashion powerhouse but also showcased its relentless commitment to innovation—like the lightweight down jackets suitable for summer.

The homage to the iconic Maya jacket by various designers underscored Moncler’s successful blend of tradition with contemporary flair, striking a chord with those who cherish both heritage and modernity in their sartorial choices.

campaign image for the moncler maya jacket 70th anniversary featuring multiple models wearing different colors of the maya jacket

Image Credit: END Clothing

Moncler’s engagement in cultural partnerships has further solidified its standing in the luxury domain. The brand’s recognition for the fifth consecutive year in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices highlights its leadership in sustainable luxury, marrying ethical practices with aesthetic excellence. This accolade, coupled with Moncler’s involvement in cultural events, reinforces its commitment to a future where luxury is responsible and reflective of broader societal values.

The past year  has been one of global campaigns that have resonated deeply with international audiences. 

The collaboration with Adidas under the Moncler Genius project brought forth a collection that melds Moncler’s luxury ethos with Adidas’ sporty vibrance, offering innovative designs that have captivated the fashion-forward crowd. 

campaign image of the moncler x adidas collaboration

Image Credit: Adidas News

Furthermore, Moncler’s foray into summer campaigns, showcasing a vibrant take on classic silhouettes, has broadened its appeal, proving that Moncler’s mastery extends beyond winter wear.

Among the year’s highlights, the Moncler x FRGMT collection stands out, blending Moncler’s iconic design language with Hiroshi Fujiwara’s contemporary vision. This collaboration, marked by its unique logo symbolizing the union of the two brands, offers a gender-neutral range that pays homage to Moncler’s alpine heritage while staying true to summer-appropriate styles. 

image of a piece from the moncler x fragment collaboration

Image Credit: Moncler 

The involvement of South Korean singer Hwang Minhyun as the global ambassador adds a layer of global appeal, bridging continents through fashion.

The Moncler x Pharrell Williams collection under the Moncler Genius platform is yet another testament to Moncler’s innovative spirit. This collaboration redefines outdoor luxury with its versatile and customizable pieces, blending urban chic with adventure-ready functionality. 

image from the Moncler x Pharrell Williams collection under the Moncler Genius platform

Image Credit: Moncler 

The collection’s aesthetic, a marriage of natural forms and architectural geometry, along with its focus on personalization, showcases Moncler’s ability to innovate while staying rooted in its core values of quality and luxury.

Moncler has not just navigated the luxury fashion landscape; it has redefined it, crafting a narrative that is as diverse and dynamic as its audience. Through artistic innovation, cultural partnerships, and global campaigns that speak a universal language of style, Moncler continues to lead the pack, proving once again that it is a brand that transcends seasons and trends, remaining at the forefront of the luxury fashion conversation.


Burberry, an emblem of British elegance and craftsmanship, has traversed through 2024, weaving its storied past with a tapestry of innovation and cultural resonance.

These past couple of years, Burberry has not just celebrated its heritage; it has reinterpreted it, casting a modern silhouette that’s as captivating as it is distinct.

British heritage  is the cornerstone of Burberry’s identity, a narrative richly embroidered into every aspect of its branding and product designs. 

From the iconic trench coats to the distinctive check pattern, Burberry’s collections are a homage to its roots, yet they speak a language that resonates with the global citizen of today. The brand’s ability to infuse contemporary fashion with quintessential British elements is a testament to its enduring appeal and relevance. 

The Spring 2024 campaign, captured in the heart of London by Tyrone Lebon and featuring a diverse cast of British icons, is a celebration of this legacy, showcasing Burberry’s latest offerings against the backdrop of the city that started it all.

Recent years have seen  Burberry embarking on cultural partnerships and engaging in cultural events that have amplified its brand ethos.

Spring 2024 burberry campaign image featuring bukayo saka
Spring 2024 burberry campaign image featuring son heung-min

Image Credit: Burberry

The “Seongsu Rose” takeover in Seoul and the global “Burberry Streets” activations are prime examples of how Burberry has seamlessly blended its British heritage with local cultures, creating immersive experiences that celebrate the brand’s global footprint.

These events, which spotlighted Daniel Lee’s first collection for Burberry, showcased the brand’s ability to resonate with diverse audiences, highlighting its adaptability and global appeal.

image showing the burberry seongsu rose take over in seoul

Image Credit: Burberry

Global campaigns have been instrumental in Burberry’s narrative this year, with initiatives like the festive campaign under Daniel Lee’s creative direction bringing a fresh perspective to the brand. The inclusion of furry friends in the campaign added a heartwarming touch to the holiday season, showcasing Burberry’s homeware and accessories in a delightful new light. 

Similarly, the launch of a limited-edition scarf honoring King Charles III, inspired by the gardens of Highgrove House, was a celebration of British flora and fauna, woven into a piece that symbolizes Burberry’s commitment to environmental stewardship and exquisite craftsmanship.

image of the limited edition scarf pattern that burberry created for king charles the III

Image Credit: Burberry

Burberry’s journey has been a testament to its ability to honor its heritage while embracing change, innovation, and global cultural trends.

Through strategic artistic direction, a commitment to sustainable innovation, meaningful cultural engagements, and captivating global campaigns, Burberry continues to redefine luxury fashion, making it not just a brand, but a cultural phenomenon that resonates with a global audience.