Winning Looks: U.S. Sports’ Most Stylish 2020s Edition


Amidst the fervor of US sports’ triumvirate—football, basketball, and baseball—emerges an elite roster, the sartorial all-stars of the 2020s. 

This narrative unfolds the style chronicles of those who’ve adeptly fused the worlds of athletic prowess and fashion finesse, setting the benchmark for the most stylish athletes across America’s most beloved sports domains.



Odell Beckham Jr. (OBJ), a standout figure in the NFL, has transcended the realms of sports to carve out a significant niche for himself in the fashion industry. 

Known for his remarkable athleticism on the field, OBJ’s off-field persona is equally compelling, marked by a fashion sense that is both avant-garde and reflective of current trends. 

obj new york giants famous catch

Image Credit: Getty Images

As a style veteran, he continues to evolve, seamlessly adapting to the changing dynamics of fashion with a flair that keeps him at the forefront of the most stylish athletes of the 2020s.

OBJ’s current fashion choices showcase a bold mix of textures and styles, from the sleek sophistication of leather pieces to the high-octane appeal of racing gear. 

His wardrobe features an eclectic blend of high-end labels like Balenciaga, embodying the luxury and exclusivity synonymous with such brands. 

Shiny materials and vintage pieces also find a place in his style repertoire, adding layers of depth and character to his ensembles. 

obj wearing all leather outfit at his birthday party.
obj pre game tunnel outfit

Odell Beckham Jr.’s journey in the fashion realm is a testament to his dynamic personality and his ability to remain relevant and influential in both sports and fashion. 

His evolving style, marked by a blend of contemporary trends and personal flair, sets him apart as still one of the most stylish athletes of the 2020s, showcasing the growing intersection of sports, personal branding, and high fashion.



Image Credit: BFA

Jaylen Brown, a dynamo on the Boston Celtics, is swiftly rising not only as a formidable force on the court but also as a beacon of style in the NBA’s fashion landscape. 

Brown’s style is a rich tapestry of cultural expression, blending elements of high fashion with the grounded, approachable essence of streetwear.

With a taste that skews towards eclectic and thoughtfully assembled ensembles, 

Each pre-game tunnel becomes Brown’s runway, where he unveils looks that are equal parts experimental and polished. 

High fashion brands are paired with the authenticity of street-inspired pieces, crafting a narrative of style that’s both relatable and aspirational.

Jalyen brown wearing formal tuxedo outfit
jaylen brown wearing a motorcore style outfit leather motorcycle jacket

This fusion of seemingly disparate style realms highlights Brown’s sartorial fluidity, positioning him as a style chameleon within the NBA. 

His wardrobe choices reflect not just a keen eye for aesthetics but also a deeper engagement with fashion as a form of personal and cultural expression

As Brown continues to ascend in his basketball career, his fashion journey mirrors this trajectory, evolving from the promising flair of a rookie to the refined elegance of a seasoned player. 

Each outfit choice is a step in his ongoing journey, charting the growth of an athlete who wears his identity with pride, both on and off the court.



Devin Booker, celebrated not just for his sharp skills on the basketball court but also for his sharp sense of style, epitomizes the blend of classic elegance with contemporary flair. 

Known for his preference for refined and classic looks, Booker’s fashion choices reflect a maturity and sophistication that distinguishes him in the realm of athlete fashion influencers.

Booker’s sartorial selections often lean towards tailored suits, crisp shirts, and understated pieces that exude a timeless elegance.

devin booker wearing a grey suit
devin booker pregame outfit wearing a black leather jacket on blue denim pants

This penchant for classic looks doesn’t just showcase his personal style but also speaks to a broader appreciation for the craftsmanship and tradition of menswear. 

Beyond the tailored ensembles, Booker’s style is also defined by his impressive sneaker collection, which features a range of coveted and rare pieces.

His ability to seamlessly integrate sneakers into both casual and more formal outfits illustrates the evolving dynamics of fashion, where once-casual footwear is now a staple in even the most polished looks. 



Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, making a name for himself in the NFL, is not just recognized for his prowess on the field but also for his distinctive approach to fashion. 

Recently crowned as GQ Sports’ Most Stylish Player of the Year, Owusu-Koramoah brings a fresh perspective to athlete fashion, with a style deeply rooted in his African heritage, setting him apart from his contemporaries.

Owusu-Koramoah’s journey in the world of fashion is marked by his unique ability to pay homage to his African roots through his wardrobe choices. 

This distinct approach to style, characterized by vibrant prints, traditional fabrics, and a cohesive, well-put-together aesthetic, is garnering attention and acclaim, establishing him as an emerging style icon in sports. 

His fashion sense, radically different from the mainstream yet profoundly personal and authentic, is making waves, challenging conventional norms and showcasing the rich diversity of cultural influences in contemporary fashion.

Game days provide a perfect platform for athletes like Owusu-Koramoah to express their personal style, and he seizes these opportunities to make bold fashion statements. 

JEREMIAH OWUSU KORAMOAH pre game tunnel outfit wearing a red and white cultural outfit
JEREMIAH OWUSU KORAMOAH pre game outfit with him standing on the grass wearing a brown, red and white cultural outfit with a traditional walking stick

His game day entrances are often anticipated moments, where he showcases outfits that not only reflect his cultural heritage but also his flair for combining traditional elements with modern fashion sensibilities. 

Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah’s approach to fashion, deeply intertwined with his cultural identity, offers a refreshing narrative in the realm of athlete fashion. 

His emergence as a style icon, marked by his commitment to authenticity and his celebration of his African heritage, underscores the evolving landscape of sports fashion, where personal stories and cultural backgrounds are woven into the fabric of personal style, enriching the tapestry of fashion in the sports world.



Julio Rodriguez, a burgeoning star in Major League Baseball (MLB), brings to the fashion forefront a blend of simple, classy streetwear with nuances of his Dominican heritage, creating a style that is both relatable and aspirationally chic. 

Known for his dynamic presence on the baseball field, Rodriguez’s off-field persona is encapsulated by his laid-back yet polished fashion sense, which resonates well with both fans and fashion observers.

One of the defining characteristics of Rodriguez’s style is his ability to strike a perfect balance between casual wear and polished elements, crafting looks that are effortlessly stylish. 

His preference for baggy tees and comfortable streetwear basics, paired with well-chosen accessories or vintage finds, showcases a keen eye for detail and a nuanced understanding of how to elevate everyday wear into something more refined. 

This blend of the casual with the polished not only makes his style accessible but also aspirational, offering a template for how to achieve a put-together look without sacrificing comfort.



Travis Kelce, renowned for his formidable presence on the football field as one of the NFL’s best ever tight ends, also commands attention with his distinctive sartorial choices. 

Known for his charismatic and outgoing personality, Kelce’s fashion sense is an extension of his vibrant persona, characterized by a penchant for tailored suits, bold prints, and an impressive accessory game.

Kelce has a well-documented affinity for tailored suits, which he often selects in bold prints and vibrant colors, making him stand out at any public event. 

travis kelce matching mustard yellow suit with a horizontally patterned multi colored turtle neck underneath


His choice of matching pieces, from the jackets down to the trousers, showcases a commitment to a cohesive and eye-catching aesthetic. 

travis kelce wearing a matching pink/salmon colored ensemble with a white tee
travis kelce wearing a vibrant neon sweater with a black shirt and pants and matching neon green shoes

An integral part of Kelce’s style is his strategic use of accessories, which play a pivotal role in elevating his outfits. 

From luxury watches that add a touch of sophistication to his love for distinctive eyewear that complements his features and outfits, Kelce’s accessory choices are both intentional and impactful. 

Kelce’s fashion choices are a vibrant reflection of his outgoing and dynamic personality, making him not just a fan favorite but also a style icon within the sports community. 

His style, marked by a blend of boldness and sophistication, mirrors his approach to life and the game – fearless, expressive, and always memorable.



Stefon Diggs, celebrated for his agility and skill as an NFL wide receiver, also commands attention for his impeccable fashion sense, widely regarded as one of the best-dressed figures in the league. 

His style is a sophisticated blend of tailored, elevated streetwear and high fashion, showcasing an impressive diversity that spans various genres and color palettes. 

stefon diggs wearing a beige fur coat on brown cargo pants

Image Credit: Getty Images

stefon diggs wearing a green sweater on top of black leather pants

Diggs’s ability to channel different aesthetic influences into his wardrobe choices highlights his keen eye for fashion and a deep understanding of how style can accentuate personal identity.

The pre-game tunnel walk has become an unofficial runway for NFL players, a moment where athleticism meets high fashion, and Diggs consistently steals the show.

Whether it’s a custom-tailored coat, an avant-garde ensemble, or a striking accessory, Diggs uses these moments to make bold fashion statements, setting trends and capturing the attention of fans and style enthusiasts alike.

stefon diggs wearing a red and white varsity jacket with a black skirt

For Diggs, fashion transcends mere clothing; it is a potent form of self-expression that reflects his personality, mood, and artistic sensibilities. 

Both on and off the field, his style choices are deliberate and meaningful, offering insight into his personal journey and mindset. 

On the field, similar to the aforementioned OBJ, he brings over his off the field fashion.

From his arm tape to his custom cleats, often incorporates elements of his off-field fashion sense, blurring the lines between athlete gear and streetwear.



Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, distinguished not only for his prowess on the basketball court but also for his impeccable fashion sense, has been lauded as the best-dressed player in the NBA. 

His sartorial choices reflect a sophisticated blend of high fashion and street style, marked by a unique fusion of baggy yet tailored aesthetics that challenge conventional fashion norms.

Gilgeous-Alexander has mastered the art of merging the luxurious allure of high fashion with the relaxed, accessible vibe of street style.

His ensembles often feature oversized, tailored pieces that maintain a structured silhouette while exuding a sense of effortless cool. 

This ability to balance contrasting fashion elements has made his style stand out, garnering attention and acclaim within the fashion community and beyond. 

Gilgeous-Alexander’s wardrobe is heavily influenced by his favorite designers, including the likes of Louis Vuitton, Chrome Hearts, and Loewe, whose aesthetics align with his personal style. 

Image of Shai gilgeous alexander, wearing baggy outfit with mschf red boots
shai gilgeous alexander wearing a cream and light blue varsity jacket and blue denim pants

What sets Gilgeous-Alexander apart in the fashion domain are his innovative styling choices, characterized by unexpected layering, mixing of textures, and the juxtaposition of different fashion genres. 

His willingness to experiment with his attire, whether through layering oversized outerwear over sleek, tailored pieces or combining rough and smooth textures, showcases his creative approach to fashion. 



Devonta Smith, though a relatively new name in the NFL, is quickly establishing himself not only on the field but also in the fashion arena. 

Smith’s journey in the fashion world mirrors his rapid ascent in professional football, marked by a keen exploration and refinement of his personal style.

Initially stepping into the spotlight with the basics, he has gradually incorporated more sophisticated elements into his wardrobe, signaling a maturation of his fashion sense. 

His penchant for sophisticated outfits, particularly suits, reveals a preference for classic menswear with a modern twist. 

devonta smith wearing a slim fit red suit with a black hat
devonta smith wearing a slim fit green pinstripe suit

These suits, often worn during public appearances and events, highlight his inclination towards polished and refined looks that exude a sense of maturity and professionalism.

Devonta Smith’s emerging fashion narrative is one of growth and exploration, as he carves out a space for himself in the style domain. 

His journey from rookie to style enthusiast highlights the evolving nature of athlete fashion, where the lines between professional attire and personal expression blur, giving rise to unique and impactful style statements.



Marcus Stroman, a prominent figure in Major League Baseball (MLB), brings an eclectic flair to the sport’s traditional style landscape. 

Known for his dynamic pitching, Stroman’s fashion sense off the field is just as compelling, marked by a unique blend of streetwear and high-end fashion that boldly incorporates vibrant patterns and colors. 

Stroman’s style ethos is encapsulated in his personal brand, HDMH (Height Doesn’t Measure Heart). 

brand image for hdmh with models wearing all white

The brand’s apparel line, which resonates with Stroman’s motivational mantra, offers a glimpse into his style preferences and personal philosophy. 

A signature element of Stroman’s style is his extensive collection of hats and headwear, which he often uses to punctuate his outfits. 

From baseball caps with meaningful logos to fashion-forward hats that complement his ensembles, Stroman’s headwear choices are a crucial aspect of his overall look. 

In the realm of baseball, where the functionality of attire and equipment is paramount, Stroman distinguishes himself by infusing his game-day look with personal style elements. 

marcus stroman in his uniform on the field wearing a durag

Whether it’s through custom cleats, uniquely designed gloves, or his on-field headwear, Stroman’s style transcends the boundaries of sportswear, making him a standout figure even in the midst of competition.